Tuesday, July 6, 2010

More than a friend!


Life Love Friendship sitting there on each vertices of a triangle. A triangle that can never be equilateral because one side will always be longer, one side will always be short; one side will always be in between. So what does one choose?

A lifelong friendship, a friendship that turns into love or live a life where one longs for that friendship or long lost love. What is more important Love or Friendship?

A friend of mine once said “you can never be friends with someone and not fall for him/her”. I disagreed. I was wrong, cause one time or another your knees will buckle, your heart will skip a beat and you will be back in your cave listening to Cyndi Lauper and Air Supply, you will be kariokeing just thinking about him/her. So where does the friendship go? What are the signs that distinguish friendship from love? Where is this line of control?

We are obligated by blood but a friend is a stranger, a stranger in the beginning who becomes so dear so near that you pour your heart out, you let your guard down and let him/her in. The best part of friendship is you can get out of it any moment you want. The hard part is to get in, to let someone in your life- the pinnacle of your triangle.

Love is many a splendid things. It’s not a verb, noun, adjective or adverb. It’s Love. Love is the butterflies in your stomach, the skip of that beating heart, love is the lyrics of not just a song but ‘our song’, love is your red, ever wondered why a heart is always red certainly not because of the blood, the red is your blush, your smile, your tears, your emotions ripping out of your body, your soul making its first appearance. Love is red, red is love.

So the question still remain, Can we spot the thin line between love and friendship (if there is any)?

I will be there, to wipe the tears off my friend’s face but I will do the crying for my love. I will be jealous of my friend but never of my love. A friend is someone I wish to go Jurassic park or harry potter with, love is someone I wish serendipity, Moulin rouge to happen. Friendship takes time on the contrary love sometimes happen on the first site. But in the end there isn’t much difference between friendship and love as one thing might lead to another.

Truth is scary. Coming out to your friend is the scariest part because if your love is one sided as it is in most of the cases you will end up with one less friend.

There are people who found their best friend in their love. They are the lucky ones as they can confine their fears, their dreams, their hopes, their failures in just one person. A friend of mine who is one of the lucky ones said

“I am happy because I don’t have to look for a friend/love anywhere because she is right beside me, we may be miles apart but a single moment with her even on the phone makes me believe that I don’t give a shit about this world, I don’t give a shit about failure, as long as I have her, I am a winner.”

But life’s not a fairy tale, life’s a bitch.

Girls are complicated, they would give you all the signals but they forget that boys are hard headed, the upper section thinks about math, football, sex, booze, sex again, career, booze again, cig, sex again. How the hell can they tell the difference between love and friendship? How would they know that they are behind enemy lines?

And this brings us to another category; A is in love with B for 14 years but could never gather the strength to say those three magic words because there love is one sided, A valued B’s friendship. In the end there is no love, there is no friendship either, there is just goodbye and Theodore boone. This was the classic example of what I call “love fool”.

But A here is quite a charmer, he fell in love again but this time he knows better, because the moment he realize that he is on a one way street, he backs out. He cannot be Just Friends anymore.

For how long, will this go on. It is a one way street; first friendship, then love and finally life (a happy life). But what if that friendship goes so strong that you don’t want loose that one person you want to spend your rest of your life with.

What is more important love or friendship, can they be the same person or do they have to be different to make things less complicated, can your friendship stand at the altar, not on a altar of love but on an altar of sacrifice.

The billion dollar question remains “How can you be friends with someone when every time you look at them all you think about is how much you really want.”