Saturday, April 4, 2009

A mystery

We all make mistakes that’s varies from as small as tiny specks to mistakes that can rock a mountain and there is nothing to be ashamed off as we are only humans and we aren’t perfect” but what’s the range of this ‘mistakemeter’- one mistake a day,two,three,once a week, it all depends on our mind accepting and admitting that mistake we have made. There’s a lot of difference between a folly and what I have been talking about, I am talking about mistakes that we keep hidden safely in our brain or heart. If you think carefully and deeply enough you will find that there will always be one dark spot on the white sheet there always be one mistake that you haven’t shared with anyone. That’s the silver painted surface of the mirror so where does it go how long does it remain hidden? A bucket overflows so does you. May be you will utter it in stupor or may be when you are extra sober. I made a mistake and I pay for it till today every morning every day of my life I try my level best to masquerade the fact that it ever existed. So ask yourself what are you masquerading about? What is it that you desperately want to admit? Sitting on it won’t make it disappear what you need to do is either to move on (accept it and live with it) or fight it. So which one is better?

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