Friday, May 20, 2011

One Touch

I slide, I touch and I do it all. Apple with its new IPod touch 4G have made seismic waves in the market and proved that they are here to stay for many more generations to come. Apple has come a long way from 1G to 4G. The 4G offers 4 exclusive and incredible features: I call it “The Fantastic 4”.

The fantastic 4: Face time, Retina Display, HD Video Recording, Game Centre.


Let your friends know what you are up to, this exact moment. Apple’s Facetime let you share your memories, good times and bad, in real time. No matter where you are, sitting on a pot or window shopping in a mall. With apple’s facetime you are never alone; all you need is one touch, a Wi-Fi and a bunch of friends.

Dads will never miss a birthday party because they are stuck in office, friends will never miss a celebration because they got flu and rains would never wash away your plans. Absence is obsolete with apple’s facetime. Just click on the icon, add a contact, even a Gmail id would do. Video calling was never this easy.

See both sides of the coin with IPod touch’s front and back dual camera. The accurate positioning of the front camera showcases the best in you. Switch easily to the back camera with a single touch and share the world around you. The best part of facetime is that you can carry it along. Video chats with webcam on your laptop are bygones. Roam around and let other move with you, there are no limits except being in the range of Wi-Fi.

Retina Display

With this new bombshell Apple has made a lot of noise.  As Steve jobs said, “Once you use a retina display, you can’t go back”. There’s a magic number around 300 dpi, if you hold something about 10-12 inches away from your eye, it’s the limit of the human retina to distinguish pixels.

Apple’s iPod touch with a 326dpi has sharp, crisp and high resolution screens. The densely packed pixels give it a higher resolution than any other device available in the market till date.

Video recording

Document your own life with IPod’s HD video camera. For all those movie buffs out there, transform your life into a cinematic journey with HD video recording. No need for a third party application, edit your videos right there and then and share it as You tube is just a touch away.

A new born taking his first steps, pet dog flushing the toilet, friends making a complete fool of themselves, these are moments that make life worth living. Relive these moments in HD with Apple’s IPod touch 4G.

Game Centre

There is something for everyone. Arcade, action, strategy, puzzle, educational, card, board, simulation; take your pick.

Apple’s A4 chip has made idea of fantastic 4, a reality. IPod touch is full of surprises.

Give your IPod a personal touch. You can personalize the pod with your own message engraved at the back. Funny punches, one liner, Birthday wishes. You name it, they engrave it. Mine says “Be the face without pain, fear or guilt.”

When it comes to touch, IPod has touched many hearts. Unlike touch phones and other multimedia devices where you have to press hard to get things done, a small feather like touch in IPod would do the trick.
The Black beauty with metallic back is too hard to keep your hands off. With only 7.2 millimetres thick, a wide screen with a button at the bottom, nothing can be as simple as that.

Press the main button for some time and you switch on the voice control, where you can shuffle, play, pause and do a lot more at the command of your voice. Jiggling has always been the delight, press any icon for some time and see the magic of the dancing icons. Slide and switch places of the icons or delete an icon with a single touch. The battery goes on and on and on, you can watch movies, Tv shows, music videos, for up to 7 hours nonstop without any fear of battery running out. Apple’s wide range of applications from the app store will keep you hooked on the device for generations to come. There is something for everyone.

The dark features

Nothing is perfect; the flaws of today give way for a perfect next generation. The area for improvement is the VGA front camera as the quality of pictures taken by IPod lack in lustre and pixels. Like all multimedia devices, a good quality camera is a must, after all everyone wants to frame their mega life in mega pixels. No flash with camera makes it difficult to capture the moments in dark times…err….dark nights. 

Why Apple and not a Banana?

If you are in a mood to buy a multimedia gadget, apple’s ipod touch is the best buy. The elegant style, super duper long lasting battery, millions of apps to keep you busy, camera, HD recording, facetime, game centre and Music. Need any more reasons? 


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